Central Plains Ag Services

Precision Ag Services


  • MicroEssentials fertilizer program
  • Equipment calibration
  • Yield monitor calibration, variable rate
  • Yield monitor data interpretation and management
  • Variable-rate prescription planting maps
  • Variable-rate planting
  • 360 Yield Center

Central Plains utilizes Field InSite™ VRN to maximize yield potential and get the most from every input dollar. Field InSite™ VRN is a program that uses satellite imagery to identify crop productivity levels, and integrates credits from previous crops, manure, and organic matter to develop a variable input prescription map.

Our sales agronomists utilize the R7 tool from Winfield solutions to help growers increase yields and manage risk. The R7 Tool uses data from local answer plots and satellite imagery from the past 20 years to help you see your fields online like never before. The R7 Tool complements existing historical data, such as yield maps or grid soil samples, and goes a step further by combining 20 years of satellite imagery with seed and crop protection analysis of local Answer Plot test fields.

This merging of data allows the R7 Tool to pinpoint and tailor the seed selection, population, crop nutrients and crop protection products to produce the best yields in your area, all in the matter of minutes.

What is 360 Yield Center?


360 Yield Center:

Gregg Sauder and his team of farmers, agronomists, and engineers have a mission: for every farmer to reach the yield potential of modern seed corn.
As a farmer, Gregg has long focused on capturing more yield potential, and today, his team at 360 Yield Center is putting the farmer at the center of it all. Taking a 360-degree view of key yield-limiting variable and developing new ways to course-correct for better results. In short, their goal is to give you the power to sense, decide and apply what you need for better-performing crops and better on-farm profits.


360 SOILSCAN is a portable soil lab system that gives you the ability to sense the signals your farm is sending. It provides you with zone-specific soil nitrate analysis in about five minutes, so you can make more-accurate and timely nutrient management decisions.


360 COMMANDER give you the insights you need to start reaching more of the potential you plant in the ground. It provides you with accurate, agronomic recommendations, so you can make informed management decisions. It generates optimized, actionable seed, nitrogen and irrigation recommendations based on real-time information, and pulls in real-time data from outside sources and combines it with your data to create customized recommendations for your farm.

360 Y-DROP:

360 Y-DROP gives you more control over when and where you apply nitrogen to your crops. The unique design allows you to apply late-season nitrogen – even up to tassel – and provides precision placement of nitrogen, as well as phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, within 2 to 3 inches of crop row.


360 UNDERCOVER helps you protect crops from late-season disease and insect infestations. It uses multidirectional spray nozzles and slides easily under the canopy so you can target fungicides, insecticides and nutrients exactly where they’re needed – increasing product efficacy and improving crop health.

We are excited to announce we are your local 360 Yield Center dealers! Contact your local Sales Agronomists for more details.